New photos and videos of the DJI Mini 4 Pro leaked

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Are we seeing new models of the DJI Mini 4 here? Image: @Quadro_News/X

More shots of the potential DJI Mini 4 Pro are making their rounds. In addition to a model that was already seen in a first leak, another “industrial” model of the Mini series can also be seen. What’s behind it?

After unofficial images of public training flights first surfaced last week, two prototype drones believed to be part of DJI’s latest Mini 4 series are now causing a stir with more leaked images.

Both the initial and new images are said to show test models of the DJI Mini 4 Pro and a more robust “industrial” version with noticeably angled rotor arms.

Once again, the shots come from X user @Quadro_News. Already in the past, numerous leaks about new DJI products were shared via this account, which turned out to be genuine.

Photos and videos of the DJI Mini 4 Pro

Among the new leaks is also an image with the title “DJI Mini 4(Pro)”. However, it is not really obvious whether the model is really the Pro variant or a standard model. However, in the case of the DJI Mini 3, the Mini 3 Pro (May 2022) also followed first, before the regular Mini 3 (December 2022) was released.

The footage, apparently taken from a window or balcony above the test range, shows a strikingly white drone – in contrast to the classic gray – standing quietly on a curb, with a controller and laptop next to it.

Another image shows a drone referred to as the “DJI Industrial Version” in a shipping crate along with another model. Apparently an extended version of the Mini 4.

The drone obviously does not have retractable arms but rigid variants. In addition, the arms are apparently angled and point slightly upward.

Bogdanov started the week with another leak: a video showing the unboxing of the Mini 4 Pro “industrial” test drone and the launch preparations of the small white drone.

The video ends with a long scene of two Mini 4 Prototype drones, which DJI probably thought could be tested outdoors without being noticed. Once again, DJI didn’t put much emphasis on secrecy. So, as usual in the past, images and videos have appeared weeks or even months before the launch of the new drone. So until the official unveiling of the DJI Mini 4 models, we can expect a lot more leaks. When DJI will unveil the new drone, however, is still completely open. It is not unlikely that this could happen by the end of this year.

We’ll keep you posted on our blog.

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