DJI Mini 4K launched – 4K videos for under €300

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DJI has added a new drone to its range with the Mini 4K. All the changes to the model are already in the name: the focus is on an affordable entry into the world of 4K drones.

After initial rumours about a possible upgrade of the DJI Mini 2SE drone, these have now been officially confirmed in the form of the new DJI Mini 4K.

While new drone models from DJI usually find their way into the public eye accompanied by a lot of attention, the launch of the new Mini 4K drone is taking place almost in secret. The reason for this is the minor changes to the drone.

DJI Mini 4K changes

The DJI Mini 4K is basically still the DJI Mini 2SE, but is now equipped with a 4K-capable camera. This is now available from €299, making the new drone DJI’s most affordable entry into the world of 4K drones. All other technical specifications remain unchanged.

Furthermore, the Mini 4K naturally benefits from its low weight of less than 250g and naturally comes onto the market in Europe with a mandatory drone class. In the case of the Mini 4K, this is, as expected, the C0 label.

The DJI Mini 2SE remains in the range and offers an affordable entry into the world of DJI drones in Europe (from €279), but not with 4K video recording. According to the DJI website, the DJI Mini SE is no longer available in this country.

Comparison of the DJI Mini models

  DJI Mini 4K DJI Mini 2SE DJI Mini 3 DJI Mini 4 Pro
The price 299 269 437 1039
Weight < 249 g < 249 g < 249 g < 249 g
Max. Flight time 31 minutes 31 minutes 38 minutes 34 minutes
Wide-angle camera sensor 1/2.3-inch CMOS 1/2.3-inch CMOS 1/1.3-inch CMOS 1/1.3-inch CMOS
Video resolution 4K/30fps 2.7K/30fps 4K/30fps HDR 4K/60fps HDR
True vertical shots
Max. Transmission range DJI O2, 10 km, 720p/30fps DJI O2, 10 km, 720p/30fps DJI O2, 10 km, 720p/30fps DJI O4, 20 km, 1080p/60fps
Obstacle detection Downwards Downwards Downwards Omnidirectional
Return function Intelligent return Intelligent return Intelligent return Enhanced return
Start/land at the touch of a button
Comparison of the DJI Mini models

Availability of the DJI Mini 4K

The new DJI Mini 4K drone is currently available to buy in selected shops such as Amazon at a price of €299. The drone is not yet available in the official DJI Store.

Once again, there is also a Fly More Combo version with a carrying case, a charging station and two additional batteries. This set starts at a regular price of €439.

DJI Mini 4K
  • Weniger als 249 g, Zertifizierung der Klasse C0 – Dank des ultraleichten Gewichts darf die Mini 4K in den Kategorien A1 und A3 fliegen. Piloten müssen keine Prüfungen ablegen.

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