DJI discontinues support for iOS 12 for DJI Fly App

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The new home screen of the DJI Fly app as of v1.12.8

For users of iOS 12 or lower, there will soon be no more updates to the DJI Fly app. Those who cannot update will have to rely on an older version of the app and will have to live with restrictions in the future.

Just two days ago, the DJI Fly app was released in version 1.13.2. From version 1.13.4, support for iOS 12 (and lower) will be discontinued.

DJI writes about this:

“In order to provide better and more stable app services and continually enhance your product experience, the DJI Fly app will no longer support iOS 12 and earlier operating systems from v1.13.4 onward. Here’s how this change may impact you:

– We will no longer release app updates or fixes for the DJI Fly app on iOS 12 and earlier operating systems.
– DJI Fly v1.13.4 and future versions will not be compatible with iOS 12 and earlier operating systems.

If you’re using the DJI Fly app on an iOS device, we recommend upgrading your operating system to iOS 13 or later for optimal compatibility with upcoming app updates. For users still on iOS 12, you are welcome to download and use DJI Fly v1.13.0 from the official DJI website. Please note that further updates will not be available for iOS 12.”

Consequences of the end of support for iOS 12 and earlier versions

As DJI itself writes, users should install an iOS update if possible. Currently, iOS 17 is already available, meaning that DJI is cancelling support for an operating system version from 2018. According to DJI, anyone who is unable to perform an update because the Apple device itself no longer receives updates will have to rely on version 1.13.0 of the DJI Fly app.

It remains to be seen how long operation on older iOS versions will still be possible without any problems when newer versions of the app are released. However, new drones will certainly no longer be usable with the old version. This is because they always require an update of the Fly app.

A list of all currently supported devices and operating system versions (also for Android) can be found on the official DJI compatibility list.

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