Warning about fake DJI apps in Play Store

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Due to recent incidents, DJI has issued an official warning regarding fake DJI apps in the Google Play Store. We’ll tell you what this is about and what you should watch out for in the article.

For the majority of users, it is common to search for an official app in the respective app store on both Android and iOS. For DJI drones, the DJI Fly app is required to control most models. However, there is now a problem here. This app is only officially available in the iOS Store, but not in Google’s Play Store. DJI removed the Fly app from the store a few years ago and now only offers it for download on the official website.

As a result, scammers take advantage of this and publish DJI apps in the Play Store to trick unwary users into making dubious in-app purchases or, under certain circumstances, to install malware on the devices.

Therefore, the urgent warning: DJI has only one official app in the Google Play Store and that is the DJI Store app. All other apps must be obtained directly from the DJI website.

dji apps official downloads
The only official source for DJI apps for Android: the DJI website.

Real looking fakes

The fake apps, for example the DJI Fly – Go for Drone models shown by DJI itself, appear reputable at first glance in the Play Store. Official images and texts from DJI are used, and the app’s publisher is listed as “DJI TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD”. If you don’t pay close attention and read carefully here, you could fall into the trap.

It is to be expected that there will always be such cases of fraud with DJI apps. DJI is not entirely innocent of this, of course. The decision to only offer their Android app via their own website has been met with a great deal of incomprehension in some quarters.

The official warning from DJI was published in the company’s own forum.

What do you think about the topic? Were you aware of this fact? Have you ever been taken in by a fake app? Feel free to post your opinion below in our forum.

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