DJI Fly App Update 1.12.2

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All changes of the new update for the DJI Fly app

An update of the DJI Fly app to version 1.12.2 is available for download for both Android and iOS. You won’t find any new functions. Find out what the update brings in the article and the official patch notes.

The DJI Fly app version 1.12.2 is not related to a product launch or a specific drone. Therefore, there are no new features or improvements worth mentioning. The patch notes only include one (for Android 2) point and for both versions refer to known fixes and optimising the overall quality of the app. What this means in detail? Only DJI knows.

In the Android version, there is still the item DJI privacy policy updated. What exactly has changed in the privacy policy and why only the Android version seems to be affected, however, is not yet known.

dji fly app 1-12-2

Patch notes DJI Fly App Update 1.12.2

What has been fixed?

  • DJI privacy policy updated (Android)
  • Fixed certain issues and optimised the overall quality of the app. (Android/iOS)

Download DJI Fly App 1.12.2

All details as well as the link to download the DJI Fly App can be found in the linked article.

For iOS, you can download the new DJI Fly App version 1.12.2 as usual directly from the App Store.

For Android, there has been a separate in-app update mechanism since version 1.2.4. After starting the app, it informs you automatically about a new version and can download and install it. Alternatively, you can manually trigger the search for a new version in the DJI Fly app via Profile -> Settings -> Info -> Check for updates.

The DJI Fly app is no longer listed in the Google Play Store since version 1.2.4. Owners of a version older than 1.2.4 must therefore download a current version via the DJI website*. Only then can the Fly app update itself.

If the update causes problems, you can also download and install the latest version directly via the link to the DJI website.

*The links contained in this article are so-called affiliate links. With these links gets a commission for mediated purchases. The price does not increase for the customer.

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