DJI Mini 4 Pro release announced + new photos

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DJI startet die eine neue Teaser Seite die die Vorstellung der Mini 4 ankĂŒndigt. Bild:

DJI announces the release of the new DJI Mini 4 Pro drone under the motto “Mini to the max. The basis for this is once again a new teaser page. We summarise the details.

As with every new product, DJI has now announced the launch of the DJI Mini 4 Pro via its social media. This time, too, it is in the form of a teaser website that does not directly refer to the product, but based on the rumours so far, clearly points to it.

Teaser page for the DJI Mini 4 launched

The new announcement page shows, as always, an image that is puzzling at first glance with the slogan and a date with time. According to this, the new product will be released on 25 September at 3 pm CEST.

The image in the background shows the left front of the Mini 4 Pro and one of the drone’s new obstacle sensors. This can be said with certainty based on previous leaks about the Mini 4 Pro.

In addition, a part of the camera and the front left rotor arm can be seen. However, there are no further details. But that’s not too bad, because most of the Mini 4 Pro’s specs has already been leaked.

More photos and details of the Mini 4 on X leaked

The official announcement of the preview page was followed by a few more leaks of prices and photos on X.

The first screenshot shows a photo of a shop that lists the price of the DJI Mini 4 Pro at 1129€. Part of the package is the drone including the RC2 remote control.

The next tweet shows a few accessories for the upcoming Mini 4 drone. Among them a new 360° propeller guard and some ND filters including a wide angle lens.

The next two tweets show more marketing shots of the Mini 4 and the scope of delivery of one of the packages that will be available for purchase.

Until 25.09., there will certainly be a few more details from the scene until DJI then brings the official product and shop pages online at 3 pm and we will receive the official and complete data of the drone.

Of course, we will provide you with all the important details about the probably best mini drone that will be available for purchase at the launch.

Feel free to discuss the new Mini 4 Pro with the community in our forum, which can be found directly below this post.

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