DJI Mini 2 SE soon with 4K videos?

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The DJI Mini 2 SE unveiled. Image:

According to a report, DJI is working on revising its Mini 2 SE drone and could focus on 4K video in the future.

With an entry-level price of €299, the Mini 2 SE is a very popular entry-level model from DJI. However, the drone can only record videos in a maximum resolution of 2.7K. If you want 4K videos, you have to opt for the more expensive Mini 3 series or the Mini 4 Pro. However, this could change, as DJI is planning to upgrade the camera chip in the new Mini 2 SE models.

As the DroneDJ website reports, DJI has submitted an application to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for Class II approval for the Mini 2 SE. Specifically, the new drone is to be equipped with an alternative H22A55 camera chip. Compared to the original H22A35 camera chip, the alternative chip offers an additional 4K function.

According to the FCC documents, DJI is also making some changes to the front-end module (FEM) chip of the Mini 2 SE, but these will not affect the basic functions or radio parameters of the aircraft.

Upgrade for the Mini 2 SE

With a maximum flight time of 31 minutes, HD video transmission of up to 10 km, level 5 wind resistance, which means that the aircraft can hover and hold images stably even at a wind speed of 10.7 m/s, the Mini 2 SE already offers very good value for money. Even if it lacks the obstacle detection sensors or some other functions of its more expensive siblings.

The possible integration of 4K video would make the drone even more interesting – if the price remains unaffected. Because there are no details on this yet. It is also interesting to see why DJI is upgrading the Mini 2 SE instead of launching a new model in the form of a Mini 3 SE. There are no further details or even a possible date for the revised 4K version of the drone as yet. We will keep this article up to date.

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