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DJI shows how to fix problems with slow-charging batteries on the DJI Air 3. The manufacturer also answers important questions about the chargers required. We summarise the most important points for you.

Since the launch of the DJI Air 3, there have been many positive reports. The drone enjoys great popularity. At the same time, however, DJI also receives some enquiries from users about charging times and specifications of the chargers.

  • What fast charging protocols does the DJI Air 3 support?
  • How much power should I choose?
  • Can I use my mobile phone charger directly?
  • What should I do if the charging is slow?

DJI answers all these questions themselves in a corresponding thread. We have collected the answers here and translated them freely for you.

Fix charging problems with the DJI Air 3

Time needed: 10 minutes

Follow the steps below in sequence to resolve slow charging issues with the DJI Air 3.

  1. Check charger

    Please check the model of the charger and the output current and voltage. If the output power of the charger is low (less than 65W or 100W), please use a charger that supports PD3.0 and PPS protocols or purchase an official DJI charger.

  2. Check the charger connections

    If you are using a charger that supports PD3.0 and PPS protocols, please check if the charger has multiple ports. It is recommended that you use a Type-C to Type-C cable for charging and ensure that no other connectors are connected to the unit. (For the DJI 65W Portable Charger, check that charging is done via the supplied USB-C cable).

  3. Check cable

    If the problem persists after trying the above method, check if the cable supports Fast Charging and try to confirm that a mobile device that supports Fast Charging can be charged normally with it.

  4. Check battery charging station

    If the cable is working normally, check that the status LED on the DJI battery charging station is lit normally (if there is no charging station and the battery cannot be charged after the above measures, send the product for repair). Normally, the status LED on the charging station pulses green. If there are three batteries in the charging station and only one of the batteries is being charged, the battery status LEDs flash one after the other.


When using a powerbank (including outdoor powerbanks) to charge the charging station, do not use a cable with two connectors between the powerbank and the charging station. This will cause the charging cradle to charge the Powerbank in reverse order. For more information, see DJI Air 3 User Manual – Using the Charging Hub as a Powerbank.

If the above steps do not solve the charging problem, please contact DJI Support at for further assistance.

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