How to fix startup problems of DJI Fly app on Android 13

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Android 13 is officially distributed. How to fix problems with the DJI Fly app. Image:

Android 13 has been officially released and is currently being distributed on selected Pixel devices. However, problems with the DJI Fly app might occur after the installation. We will tell you how you can quickly fix them in this article.

Google officially released the final version of Android 13 yesterday. As usual, Pixel devices from their own company get the update first. Other manufacturers will follow suit in the coming weeks, months or maybe even years. However, users who update to Android 13 now and try to launch the DJI Fly app might experience a nasty surprise. The app might not start anymore.

Fix DJI Fly app issues on Android 13

However, the problem can be easily fixed. Most users should currently have version 1.6.9 of the DJI Fly app installed. As of this morning, the in-app updater does not yet offer an update on Android. However, DJI Fly App v1.6.10 has been available for download on the official DJI website for a few days now.

After the manual download and installation, the DJI Fly app should then start again on Android 13.

By the way, the update to version 1.6.10 also fixes startup problems under Android 12, which some users are increasingly reporting. When DJI will officially roll out version 1.6.10 and publish the corresponding patch notes is not yet clear.

dji fly app 1-6-10 info
Infoscreen for DJI Fly App 1.6.10

Where can I get the latest DJI Fly app version?

On iOS, the official App Store is still the number one source for the DJI Fly app. On Android, you have to go to the official DJI website since version 1.2.4. However, the version installed from there then keeps itself up to date.

Fix more DJI Fly app issues

Do you have other problems with the DJI Fly app? Then our article How to fix DJI Fly App errors, crashes and problems can surely help you. There we describe the best solutions you should try when you have problems with the app.

We’ll also keep you up to date on future updates to the DJI Fly app on our blog.

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  • Wow. Thanks! Why does the DJI website only have an aoutdated 2018 version of “DJI Fly”? Anyway you fixed my problem with APK mirror sites.

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