Is it permitted to drop objects with drones?

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Dropping objects with a drone is not allowed without permission. Image: Diana Măceşanu on Unsplash

If you own a drone or are planning to buy one, you have probably already asked yourself whether dropping objects with the drone in flight is permitted. We provide you with the answer and show you how you can realise such a flight.

💡You need to know this

  • Dropping objects with drones is prohibited
  • Anyone wishing to carry out such a flight no longer flies in the Open category, but falls into the Specific category
  • The flight then requires an operating licence (SORA)
  • We explain how to obtain such an operating licence

Dropping objects with drones, allowed or not? The short and sobering answer to this is: No. At least not without the appropriate authorisation. The following sections provide precise details on the legal situation.

Anyone attempting to fly in the Open category and therefore without authorisation must adhere to certain conditions. This includes refraining from dropping objects. The EASA website states the following from the EU Drone Regulation:

Examples of UAS operations in the ‘specific‘ category are:

  • BVLOS – Beyond Visual Line Of Sight
  • When using a drone with MTOM (maximum take of mass) > 25 kg
  • flying higher than 120m above ground level
  • when dropping material
  • when operating drone in an urban environment with a MTOM> 4 kg or without a class identification label

Derived into national law in Germany:

Paragraph 13 of the Luftverkehrs-Ordnung (LuftVO), Dropping of objects or other substances:

(1) The dropping or releasing of objects or other substances from or onto aircraft is prohibited. This does not apply to ballast in the form of water or fine sand, fuel, tow ropes, tow banners and similar objects, (…)

(2) The locally competent aviation authority of the federal state may authorise exceptions to the prohibition in paragraph 1 sentence 1 if there is no danger to persons or property.

  • Point (1) explains in detail that the dropping or releasing of materials deviating from the point is prohibited.
  • However, point (2) points out that an exemption authorisation can also be granted here. Point (3) is largely irrelevant.

It is therefore clearly defined that the operation of a drone for the purpose of dropping objects is only possible in the Specific category and therefore only with an operating licence. What does that mean?

Operating licence for dropping objects with drones

This is where the topic of SORA(What is SORA?) comes into play. Anyone whose drone flight does not fall into the Open category slips into the Specific category. This requires the aforementioned operating licence. We have summarised information on this in the linked article. As this is a lengthy and complex process, you should familiarise yourself with the basics.

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As experts in the field of drone regulations, we offer you customised advice on all aspects of SORA. We will help you through the complex authorisation process for drone flights in the special category. Please contact us for a non-binding initial S ORA consultation.


Dropping flyers, flowers or other objects with a drone is prohibited. Dropping is also explicitly mentioned. The object does not necessarily have to be dropped, it is sufficient to transport something with the drone and then drop it at the destination.

If you intend to drop or release objects with the drone, you will need an operating licence. An important keyword here is SORA.


Is it permitted to drop objects with dr ones?

No. The corresponding description and how to obtain an exemption can be found in the article.

Is it permitted to drop objects with drones?

No, that is also not permitted. The corresponding description and how to obtain an exemption can be found in the article.

How do I obtain an operating licence for dropping objects?

In order to obtain an operating licence, you must deal with the topic of SORA. This is a procedure for describing your drone flight in order to obtain the desired operating licence from your local aviation authority. We have compiled information and helpful articles on this in this article.

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