Overview: Drones with Cx label and drone class

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Overview of drones with official Cx label for drone classes

Drones with an official drone class according to the EU drone regulation (Cx label) are becoming more and more popular. The following article provides you with an overview of the drone models available to date.

The transitional rule for existing drones still applies until 01.01.2024. These are drones without a Cx label, i.e. drones without a drone class (certification) according to the EU Drone Regulation.

From this date, stricter flight regulations will apply to these models. In addition, from this day on, drone manufacturers may only bring drones with a corresponding classification onto the European market.

But which drones have a C-label so far? Which drones already have a corresponding drone class and are therefore future-proof? The following lists give you an overview of the models with the Cx label that have been available so far.

Further down you will find more information on drone classes and existing drones.

Drones with official drone class according to EU drone regulation

The overview is divided into the respective drone class and lists all drones known to us so far with the corresponding Cx label.



The C1 drone class is one of the most important classes for many drone pilots. According to EU drone regulations, it allows flights in an identical scenario as the C0 class (subcategory A1) and that with drones up to 900g. This already includes the somewhat larger drone models.

The following drones have a C1 label:

*Both models were originally shipped without a C1 label. However, DJI was able to implement a process as part of the post-certification process whereby owners of the drones can subsequently obtain a C1 label for the drone (instructions). Part of the recertification also includes a firmware update that officially turns the models into V2 variants.


The following drones have a C2 label:


The following drones have a C3 label:

  • DJI Inspire 3 (meets requirements, preparation for certification pending)
  • Trinity F90


The following drones have a C4 label:

  • No drones available yet.


The following drones have a C5 label:

  • No drones available yet.


The following drones have a C6 label:

What are the EU drone classes?

The drone class is indicated from C0 to C6. It reflects a classification of drones according to certain criteria defined in the EU Drone Regulation. The classification is used to determine in which operating category a drone may be flown and under which conditions. The smaller the number after the C, the fewer requirements apply to the operation of the drone.

The drone class is therefore an important feature of a drone and should be taken into account before buying to ensure that you can use the drone as you intend. Especially if you are planning flights in the Open category (A1 to A3).

You can find more details on this in our article The Drone Classes – EU Drone Regulation.

Where can I fly with Cx-certified drones?

The following chart gives you an overview in which subcategory of the Open operating category you are allowed to fly with which Cx label and under which conditions.

The regulations mentioned here for the application scenario Open and the subcategories A1 to A3 with the drone risk classes C0-C4 in the overview. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

What are inventory drones?

Drones without a Cx label are referred to as inventory drones. These are subject to transitional rules until 01.01.2024, after which they will be subject to stricter regulations. Information on this can be found in the relevant section of our article on the EU Drone Regulation.

FAQ on CX-Label drones

Are there any drones with an official drone class/Cx label?

Yes, models with the corresponding Cx label are now coming onto the market. The list in the article provides an overview of the models available so far.

Should I only buy drones with a Cx label?

In principle, it makes sense to only use drones with the corresponding drone class and Cx label. However, some previously available models could be recertified in the future, which means that no new purchase of another model will be necessary.

Will I still be allowed to fly drones without a Cx label in the future?

Yes. Drones without an official drone class will not be banned in the future. However, from 01.01.2024 they will be subject to stricter regulations. Information on this can be found in the article.


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