Drone use in winter: 10 services that are worthwhile

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Ideas for drone services in winter

Winter isn’t exactly the season you think of first as a drone pilot when it comes to lucrative assignments, is it? Snow and cold can be quite the hindrance – but don’t write off the cold season just yet!

Did you know that winter actually offers a number of unique business opportunities that you can take advantage of with your drone? From snow load control on rooftops to 3D modelling of winter landscapes, there are many services that are in high demand during winter.

Imagine if you could not only stabilise your turnover, but even increase it by offering special winter services. Not bad, right?

Stay tuned to learn more about these 10 lucrative uses for drones in winter. We’ll show you how to use the cold season to your advantage – with concrete examples, technical tips and even some inspiring case studies. Let’s go!

Overview of the top 10 drone services for winter

  • Snow load control on roofs
  • Monitoring ski and snowboard slopes
  • Images for real estate marketing in winter
  • Documentation of construction projects in winter
  • Winter events
  • Environmental monitoring in winter
  • Monitoring of traffic infrastructure
  • Agricultural monitoring
  • Winter film and video production
  • Creation of 3D winter landscape models

1. Snow load control on roofs

Snow load control is an absolute must for building owners and managers in winter. The accumulation of snow on roofs can cause structural problems and, in the worst case, even lead to roof collapse. But who wants to go up on the roof in freezing cold?

Schneelastkontrolle Dach drohnen winter dienstleistungen drohnenpilot
Snow load inspections of roofs are particularly easy and fast with drones

Significance and benefits of the service

As a drone pilot, you have an advantage here: with your drone, you can carry out a fast, safe and efficient inspection. In addition to saving time, you provide valuable data that is needed to assess the snow load.

Technical requirements

Drones with high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging technology are particularly suitable for this type of inspection. Thermal imaging can help identify temperature differences on the roof that may indicate potential weaknesses.

Case study or field report

A facility manager from the Alps reports: “Thanks to the snow load inspection with drones, we were able to act in time and avoid expensive repairs. The drone pilot provided us with precise data that enabled us to initiate professional snow removal.”

Not only is this service a great way to expand your portfolio, but it’s also a great way to provide an important service to those around you. And the best part? It’s a niche that’s not yet overrun. So use your drone wisely and make winter your most profitable season!

2. Monitoring ski and snowboard slopes

The winter recreation industry is booming and while most people use the snow for fun and enjoyment, it holds its very own business opportunity for drone pilots like you. Monitoring ski and snowboard slopes offers plenty of opportunities here.

Skigebiete Überwachung drohnen winter dienstleistungen drohnenpilot
Monitor ski resorts and help in case of emergency

Safety and benefits

In a world where safety is becoming increasingly important, drones can offer crucial benefits. Monitoring slopes with drones enables a quick response in case of accidents and improves the overall safety situation. Drones can also be used to monitor the condition of slopes and provide early warning of hazardous areas.

Technical requirements

A drone with stable flight characteristics and reliable GPS navigation should be available for this service. Thermal imaging cameras can also be helpful here to quickly locate missing skiers or snowboarders.

Case study or field report

The operator of a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains reports, “Drone surveillance has allowed us to halve the response time of emergency responders to accidents. We can also now assess snow conditions in real time and better inform our guests.

Monitoring ski and snowboard slopes is a great way to increase winter sales while making a valuable contribution to the safety of winter sports enthusiasts. A win-win situation for all involved.

3. Images for real estate marketing in winter

The real estate industry never sleeps – this also applies to winter. Especially at this time of year, professional images for winter property marketing can create a special atmosphere and offer real estate agents and owners real added value.

Relevance and benefit of the service

A snow-covered property or a wintry backdrop can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a property. This is particularly interesting for properties marketed as holiday properties or in wintry regions. High-quality drone photographs can provide the decisive impressions here that convince potential buyers or tenants.

Technical requirements

A drone with a high-resolution camera is indispensable. Features such as image stabilisation and possibly thermal imaging cameras can highlight additional details that are not visible in conventional photos.

Case study or field report

An estate agent reports: “The winter drone shots of the country house were a real game-changer. They added that certain something to the property and significantly increased interaction with the online ad.”

Whether it’s selling or renting, winter property marketing shots are a service that adds real value. So if you’re looking to add another interesting option to your catalogue of services, this is a great opportunity to do so.

4. Documentation of construction projects in winter

Construction projects don’t stand still just because it gets cold. However, in winter, construction companies and project managers face the challenge of efficiently documenting construction progress. This is where drones come into play for documenting construction projects in winter.

Relevance and benefit of the service

During the construction phase, numerous details need to be recorded and documented, not least for compliance and quality assurance reasons. Drones can speed up these processes and provide seamless documentation that is useful from construction management to stakeholders.

Technical requirements

This task requires drones with robust technical specifications that can operate reliably in winter conditions. Features such as GPS tracking and high-resolution cameras are particularly valuable here. Some drone models also offer the ability to capture time-lapse footage, which can provide an impressive representation of construction progress.

Case study or field report

A construction project manager reports: “The drone images have enabled us to follow the construction progress almost in real time. Especially with the adverse weather conditions in winter, this was a great advantage.”

Documenting construction projects in winter is another area where you can add real value as a drone pilot. Not only do you make the day-to-day work easier for those responsible for construction projects, but you also offer a service that becomes more relevant, especially during the cold season.

5. Winter events

Winter is the peak season for numerous events, from Christmas markets to New Year’s Eve celebrations. Aerial event photography can add a very special touch to these events and create unforgettable impressions.

Veranstaltungen drohnen winter dienstleistungen drohnenpilot
Capture winter events with aerial photography

Relevance and advantages of the service

Event organisers are constantly looking for new ways to make their events memorable. Aerial photography can be used for both marketing and documentation purposes. They offer a completely new perspective and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Technical requirements

Precision is required. Drones with sophisticated control systems and first-class cameras are a must. Especially useful are drones that can fly at low altitudes to provide breathtaking shots. Permits and coordination with event management are required here.

Case study or testimonial

An event planner reports: “Thanks to aerial photography, we were able to show the full extent of our New Year’s Eve event. The images and videos achieved a high reach on social media and were a highlight in our event documentation.”

Event photography is a service that enhances the experience for organisers and visitors alike. Especially in winter, when events already have a magical atmosphere by nature, your drone footage can become an absolute highlight.

6. Environmental monitoring in winter

Winter offers special challenges and opportunities for environmental monitoring. Drones equipped with sophisticated sensors can make an important contribution here. The topic of winter environmental monitoring should be of interest to any drone pilot who wants to get involved in sustainable projects.

Relevance and benefits of the service

In winter, many areas are difficult to access, making it difficult to monitor environmental phenomena such as animal migration, ice melt or forest conditions. Drones can fill these gaps by flying over hard-to-reach areas and collecting data that is invaluable to scientists and environmentalists.

Technical requirements

For environmental monitoring projects, drones with specialised sensors and cameras such as thermal imaging cameras or multispectral sensors are often essential. These make it possible to collect accurate data even in low light conditions and low temperatures.

Case study or field report

A conservationist explains, “By using drones, we were able to track the migration of rare bird species without disturbing them. This information is invaluable for winter conservation.

Environmental monitoring in winter is not only a valuable service, but also a step towards a more sustainable planet. So if you’re looking to not only make money in the winter, but also contribute to conservation, this could be the perfect service for you.

7. Monitoring the traffic infrastructure

Winter presents particular challenges for transport infrastructure. From snow-covered roads to icy bridges, the safety of road users can be significantly affected. This is where drone traffic infrastructure monitoring comes in, a service that becomes particularly relevant during the winter months.

Verkehrsüberwachung drohnen winter dienstleistungen drohnenpilot
Traffic monitoring with drones in winter using the example of a simple road

Relevance and benefits of the service

A bird’s eye view can identify problems early on that might go undetected from the ground. Whether checking road conditions, monitoring the rail network or checking the condition of bridges, drones can provide valuable data quickly and efficiently.

Technical requirements

Not every drone is suitable for this type of surveillance. High-resolution cameras are a must, as is the ability to operate reliably in low temperatures and difficult weather conditions. GPS-based navigation systems and a robust design are also an advantage.

Case study or field report

An employee of a road maintenance company reports: “By using drones, we were able to significantly increase the efficiency of our snow removal work. The aerial images have helped us to identify problem areas at an early stage and to target them.”

Monitoring traffic infrastructure is not only a lucrative business for drone pilots, but also makes an important contribution to public safety. During the winter months, this service becomes particularly relevant and could be your chance to make an important contribution to the community.

8. Agricultural monitoring

During the winter months, agricultural land is often covered in snow and ice, making it particularly challenging to monitor. Agricultural monitoring using drones can be an efficient and accurate way to check the condition of fields and assets here.

Relevance and benefits of the service

In agriculture, precise timing and accurate planning often matter. Drones can provide farmers with valuable data, e.g. on soil conditions, nutrient distribution or the detection of pests and diseases, which can also be relevant in winter.

Technical requirements

Equipment must be specifically suited to this type of monitoring. This includes, for example, multispectral cameras for detailed soil analyses and thermal imaging cameras for assessing plant health. Battery performance at low temperatures and wind resistance of the drone also play an important role.

Case study or field report

A farmer reports: “With the help of drone monitoring, we were able to determine the optimal time for fertilisation in spring. The data collected during the winter provided us with valuable information about the soil conditions.

Agricultural monitoring is not only a relevant service in summer, but also in winter. As a drone pilot, you have the opportunity to support farmers in a crucial phase and expand your service portfolio at the same time.

9. Winter film and video production

The cold months bring with them an enchanting atmosphere all of their own, which is perfect for unique film projects. In film and video production, the use of drones can be a true miracle worker to create stunning shots that are so only possible in winter.

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Relevance and advantages of the service

The winter landscape provides a perfect backdrop for all kinds of film projects, from commercials for winter sporting goods to music videos and feature films. Drones can capture these spectacular scenes from perspectives that are difficult to achieve using conventional methods.

Technical requirements

Stability and precision are key. The drone should have a high-resolution camera and possibly gimbal stabilisation to ensure buttery-smooth shots. The drone must also function reliably in low temperatures and humid conditions.

Case study or field report

A director reports, “For our latest commercial, we wanted to capture the magic of a snowy forest. With a drone, we were able to capture incredible aerial shots that gave the film that certain something.”

Film and video production in winter can be a creative and lucrative service for drone pilots. It offers the opportunity to showcase one’s technical skills and create visually stunning works.

10. Creating 3D winter landscape models

Winter offers a unique opportunity to create stunning 3D winter landscape models. These can be used not only for scientific purposes, but also in the entertainment industry, tourism or ecological studies.

Relevance and benefits of the service

Nature often appears completely different in winter than in summer. These changes can be relevant for various applications, from the simulation of natural processes to the planning of winter sports events.

Technical requirements

To create 3D models, it is important that the drone is equipped with a high-resolution camera. Special software for photogrammetric evaluations is also required. In addition, the drone must be able to fly stably and accurately in winter weather conditions.

Case study or field report

A scientist explains: “We created a 3D model of an avalanche-prone area. The drone footage helped us identify critical areas that were not on our radar before.

Creating 3D winter landscape models can be an extremely rewarding activity that appeals to a variety of industries. For drone pilots, this opens up an exciting field of activity that requires both technical know-how and creative skills.

Supplements: Legal aspects and customer acquisition in winter

After considering the various possible uses of drones in winter, there are some supplementary points that should be taken into account.

Legal aspects in winter

The use of drones in winter (tips) is subject to the same legal regulations as at any other time of year. Nevertheless, it is advisable to find out in advance about possible temporary flight restrictions, for example in winter sports areas.

Customer acquisition and marketing in winter

The winter season offers a number of special marketing opportunities. A thematically appropriate portfolio showing examples of winter drone services can be particularly effective here. Seasonal discounts or package offers can also help keep order books full during the cold season.

Our placement platform for drone pilots at skyzr.com also provides you with a good opportunity to get regular orders in winter.

Cooperation with other service providers

In winter, there are often special requirements that make it useful to cooperate with other service providers. These can be, for example, clearing services for take-off and landing areas or experts for data evaluation for special projects.

In the context of drone operations in winter, these additional aspects should not be disregarded. They complement the various service options and can contribute significantly to business success in the winter season.

Conclusion: Why winter does not have to be the “quiet season” for drone pilots

For many, winter may be a quiet time when flying activity declines. But as we’ve shown in this article, the cold season offers a variety of unique and rewarding opportunities for drone pilots. From the marketing of winter real estate to the creation of 3D winter landscape models, the usage scenarios are diverse and relevant across all industries.

While the time of year brings particular challenges, with the right preparation, equipment and marketing strategy, drone pilots can successfully offer their services in winter. The winter season even offers the opportunity to establish oneself in special niches and thus gain an additional competitive advantage.

Legal aspects and possible cooperations with other service providers must always be kept in mind. They can tip the scales that determine the success or failure of a winter drone operation.

All in all, winter offers much more than snow and ice. It offers the opportunity to raise one’s own skills as a drone pilot to a new level and to expand one’s own portfolio with new, exciting services.

Dimitri is the founder of DeinDrohnenpilot.de and has been working at skyzr since 2021. He has been fascinated by the topic of drones since 2016. When he is not flying a drone, he is responsible for planning and developing new concepts for the platform as well as writing and creating content. He is also responsible for the technical implementation and maintenance. His training as an IT specialist for system integration and his bachelor's degree in media informatics help him with this.
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