New DJI Mini 3 in FCC database – without Pro and cheaper?

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Photo of the DJI Mini 3 without Pro from the FCC database. Image:

A new entry in the American product database FCC points to a new version of the DJI Mini 3, which should be released soon. Can we expect a cheaper Mini drone now? Which features will we have to do without?

The new entry is simply titled DJI Mini 3 – that is, without the Pro addition. This suggests that DJI will launch a slimmed-down version of its Mini 3 Pro. DJI just recently launched the Mavic 3 Classic in the same way. Here, the second camera (tele) of the Mavic 3 Standard variant was dropped to make the drone cheaper to sell.

dji mini 3 fcc label information
The label information on the DJI Mini 3 without Pro in the FCC database. Image:

What features are missing from the DJI Mini 3?

So it will be exciting to see which feature(s) of the DJI Mini 3 Pro will fall victim to the red pencil in order to realize a cheaper version.

A special feature of the DJI Mini 3 Pro is above all the obstacle detection system with its front, rear and bottom sensors. This clearly sets it apart from the Mini 2 (review), which only has downward-facing sensors.

Another feature of the DJI Mini 3 Pro is the very good camera with 1/1.3″ CMOS sensor and the possibility to rotate it by 90°. This makes it possible to take uncropped vertical shots, which are especially suitable for distribution on social media.

Two options DJI could save on. It’s also noticeable that the new FCC entry for the Mini 3 has been given a new designation in the listing (SS3-MT3PD22) than the previous DJI Mini 3 Pro (SS3-MT3M3VD).

This indicates that the changes will be more extensive and thus may no longer be registered under the same label. This was still the case with the Mavic 3 Classic.

Possible price of the DJI Mini 3

The second exciting question is the price of the upcoming non-Pro variant of the Mini 3. Currently, the Mini 3 Pro with RC-N1 remote control is priced at 829€. The Mini 2 with RC-N1 costs 459€ in the DJI Store. It is therefore obvious that DJI will try to position the Mini 3 somewhere in between. A price in the range of 600-650€ seems realistic. Whether we will be right with this, however, remains to be seen and depends on the nature of the changes to the drone.

DJI Mini 3 Pro

  • Gewicht <249g
  • 4k-HDR-Videos
  • 34 Minuten Flugzeit
  • Hindernisserkennung in 3 Richtungen
  • Neue Fernsteuerung, vertikale Videos und vieles mehr!

When will the Mini 3 without Pro be released?

There are usually only a few weeks between the entry in the FCC database and the actual product release. Considering that Christmas is just around the corner, it can be assumed that DJI will surely aim for a release in early December. Who wants to miss out on the Christmas business?

As soon as we receive more news about the Mini 3, we will update this article or publish more on our blog.

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