DJI Air 3 – New details, photos, entry in FCC database

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The DJI Air 3 label from the FCC database

There is more leaked information about the soon to be released DJI Air 3. Among them are new details, photos and the obligatory entry in the FCC database. There is still no official release date, but it seems to be getting closer.

Under the entry FCC ID SS3-EB3WBC2303, the DJI Air 3 can now be found in the FCC database. This is a clear sign of the existence of the new DJI drone and another signal that it will soon be released.

The information in the FCC database also includes the label of the DJI Air 3, which contains information about the battery. It is said to have a capacity of 4241mAh, which is larger than the previous model, the DJI Air 2S.

Further information from the database indicates an extended use of the available 5Ghz frequency bands. This could indicate a change in the transmission protocol, which is why the first speculations are already being voiced that the DJI Air 3 could be the first drone with OcuSync 4.0 (DJI O4).

New remote controls DJI RC2 and DJI RC-N2

The FCC entry also confirms two new models of the well-known DJI remote controls. These are the DJI RC2 (built-in display) and the DJI RC-N2 (smartphone as display). The exact differences to the previous models of the remote controls are not yet known.

Photo of the DJI Air 3 packaging

Another clear sign that the DJI Air 3 will be unveiled soon is a leaked photo of the packaging. It shows the Fly More Combo version of the new drone in the familiar DJI style.

Photo of the DJI Air 3 camera

A photo of the new DJI Air 3 camera is already doing the rounds on the internet. Here you can see the drone’s new dual camera system. This consists of a telephoto lens (70mm, F2.8) and a main camera (24mm, F1.7).

Further technical data on the camera system is not yet known. DJI is obviously pursuing a similar strategy with the Air 3 as it did with the Mavic 3 with its dual camera system.

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