DJI Fly App – How to install an older version (downgrade)

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Installing an older version of the DJI Fly App - Downgrade

If you have problems with the DJI Fly app, it sometimes helps to install an older version of the app. This guide explains how to do this on Android. There is no solution for iOS.

Basically, it is advisable to always have a current version of your DJI Fly app installed. This ensures that a version with the latest functions and error corrections is always installed.

But even DJI, as the market leader, has to deal with problems with its DJI Fly app from time to time. In some cases, an update can render functions unusable or cause the app not to start at all.

If this is the case for you, there is a remedy. On Android, you have a simple option to revert to an older version. Instead of updating, you can downgrade the DJI Fly app.

DJI Fly App Downgrade

DJI itself does not offer official downloads of older versions of its Fly app. However, there are some well-known sites for Android that archive the installation files (.APK files) of numerous apps and make them available. One of the most well-known and trusted sites is APKMirror.

Installing the old version of the DJI Fly app – Android

  1. On APKMirror there is a directory with all DJI Fly App versions. From the latest version to the DJI Fly App version 1.0.1 from 2019. Visit the page and find your desired version.
  2. It is best to start the download of the APK file directly on your smartphone. To do this, you have to click through a little.
  3. After the download, open the APK file.
  4. Depending on your device settings, you may get a message from Android that installation from unknown sources is disabled. There is a note on the respective setting to allow this.
  5. Then you start the installation.
  6. You can now start the app as usual. After starting the app, you will most likely receive a message about a newer version of the DJI Fly app. In your case, you should skip the update – otherwise you could have installed the latest version straight away.

That’s it. This way you have downgraded the DJI Fly app to an older version.

Unfortunately, there is no way to install an older version of an app on Apple’s iOS.

How to upgrade the DJI Fly app to the latest version is explained in our article DJI Fly App – In-App Update [Instructions].

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