Is the DJI Air 3 waterproof?

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We clarify the question of whether the DJI Air 3 is waterproof.

In this article we tell you whether the DJI Air 3 is waterproof or not. We also provide you with further information on this topic.

Let’s keep it short: Is the DJI Air 3 waterproof? No. The drone is neither waterproof nor water-resistant. The answer probably doesn’t surprise anyone, because DJI doesn’t offer any such products in the consumer drone segment.

What does that mean in concrete terms? First and foremost, it means that the DJI Air 3 should never be dropped into water or exposed to it in any way. If this does happen, it is not impossible that the drone will suffer a total loss. Whether the drone can then still be repaired depends very much on the damaged components. However, a short circuit can irreparably damage numerous parts of the drone.

DJI Air 3
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  • Verbesserte Sicherheit, sicherer Flug – Dank ihrer omnidirektionalen Hindernisvermeidung kannst du die Air 3 unbeschwert fliegen lassen. Sie gewährleistet umfassenden Schutz auch in anspruchsvollen Umgebungen wie beispielsweise einem Wald.

Protection against water damage

Ideally, Air 3 drone pilots should avoid water as much as possible. However, if you are planning to fly near or over water, you should think about suitable protection. The in-house DJI Care Refresh comes into question here. This is a type of “comprehensive insurance” that also covers water damage.

DJI Air 3 im Regen fliegen

Another question that is often asked in this context: Can I fly the DJI Air 3 in the rain? We have already explained this question in detail in a separate article, Flying a drone in bad weather – what to look out for, and explained the problems in this context.

In summary, it is better not to fly the DJI Air 3 in the rain. Since the drone is not waterproof or water-resistant, the penetrating moisture can damage the electronics inside.

Incidentally, this also applies to flying in fog. If the fog is too thick, moisture can accumulate on the drone and then penetrate the inside of the drone like rain and also cause damage.


The same applies to the DJI Air 3: it is not waterproof or water-resistant and should therefore not be landed in water or flown in rain or heavy fog. The drone can theoretically survive flights in this weather, but due to the lack of certification for water resistance, this is not guaranteed. Anyone who flies or sinks their drone in water should have appropriate protection such as DJI Care Refresh.

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