DJI Avata Memory Cards

Which memory cards are suitable for the DJI Avata?

DJI Avata memory cards and internal memory

In the following article, you will learn whether a memory card is necessary for the DJI Avata, which microSD memory cards are suitable, how large they can be and how large the internal memory of the Avata FPV drone is.

DJI Avata internal memory

The DJI Avata comes without a separate memory card. So the first question that comes to mind here is: do I need a memory card for the DJI Avata? The drone itself has 20GB of internal memory. That’s not even that little for a drone, compare that to the small 1.2GB internal memory on the DJI Mini 3 Pro . A memory card is therefore not absolutely necessary. Depending on the extent of the recordings, especially in 4K resolution, the 20GB can be filled relatively quickly.

Then an additional SD memory card is recommended and necessary. According to the technical specifications, the DJI Avata supports memory cards with a size of up to 256GB.

Suitable memory cards for the DJI Avata


On the DJI website, there are some recommendations for suitable memory cards for the DJI Avata drone. In the following list, we summarize them for you with current prices. The recommendations range from memory cards with 32GB up to the maximum possible 256GB. The list provides an excerpt of possible memory cards and is not a complete list of all compatible cards on the market. So far, we have had good experiences with the SandDisk cards across numerous drones and capacity sizes.

The recommendation

SanDisk 256 GB Extreme PRO microSDXC-Karte + SD-Adapter + RescuePRO Deluxe, bis zu 200 MB/s, mit A2 App Performance, UHS-I, Class 10, U3, V30
  • Die SanDisk Extreme PRO microSDXC ist ideal geeignet für alle Android Smartphones und Tablets, sowie Drohnen oder Actioncams
  • Für eine bessere App- Performance und schnelleres Laden sorgt die microSD Karte durch den vorhandenen A2 Leistungsstandard
  • Mit einer Lesegeschwindigkeit von 200 MB/s und einer Schreibgeschwindigkeit von 140 MB/s übertragen Sie Ihre Daten extrem schnell dank SanDisk QuickFlow-Technologie
  • Machen Sie verlustfreie 4K UHD Videoaufzeichnungen dank UHS Speed Klasse 3 (U3) und Video Speed Klasse 30 (V30) mit der microSD Karte für Smartphones
  • Lieferumfang: SanDisk Extreme PRO microSDXC UHS-I Speicherkarte 256 GB + Adapter & RescuePRO Deluxe (Für Smartphones, Actionkameras oder Drohnen, A2, V30, U3, 200 MB/s Übertragung) 30 Jahre Garantie

DJI also recommends the following memory cards:

We keep the list up to date as far as possible and add new models as needed. Apart from the above recommendations, there is of course another variety of suitable memory cards for the Avata drone on the market.

DJI Avata Pro-View Combo

  • Gewicht 410g
  • 4k 60 FPS Videos
  • 18 Minuten Flugzeit
  • Fluggeschwindigkeit bis zu 97,2 km/h
  • Wendige kleine FPV Drohne, neue Goggles 2 und vieles mehr!

DJI Avata Memory Cards FAQ

Does the DJI Avata come with a memory card?

No, the DJI Avata does not come with a memory card. You can find out which memory cards are suitable in our article.

Do I need a memory card for the DJI Avata?

No, not necessarily. Since the DJI Avata has internal memory, it can also store images without separate memory cards. Depending on the number and length of the shots, an additional memory card makes sense.

How big is the internal memory of the DJI Avata?

The Avata has 20GB of internal memory.

How big can memory cards be for the DJI Avata?

The Avata supports memory cards with a size of up to 256GB. Recommendations for suitable models can be found in the article.

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