Giveaway – Win a DJI Mini 3 now!

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Win a DJI Mini 3

At the end of the year we would like to give you the opportunity to win a nice little gift. Be quick now and get the chance to win a DJI Mini 3!

Today we want to give all existing and future members of our forum community another chance to win a DJI Mini 3 in the year-end spurt.

All you have to do for that?

  • Simply register until 31.01.2023 23:59 clock here in our forum.
    All registered and activated users will be entered into the lottery with 50 points and have a chance to win the Mini 3. To confirm your participation in the competition, simply post in this thread “#Competition” or any comment.
  • Users who want to increase their chances of winning can earn an additional 1 point for each post by posting in accordance with our Terms of Use. Only posts from 12/21/2022 and up to the entry deadline will count.
  • In case of verifiable clicks on our partner offers (from the forum) of as well as, there will be 25 additional points each.
  • Each point corresponds to one “ticket”. Each lot increases the chance to win.
  • The maximum number of points per user for this lottery is 250 points.

In this way, we want to give existing users from Germany and Austria, but also new users, the chance to win, and at the same time also create further incentives to attract new members to the community.

We hope for a lively participation and many new users!

Click here for the detailed conditions of participation.

The whole team of Dein-Drohnenpilote and Drone-Heaven wishes all participants good luck!

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