DJI Mavic 3 Classic appeared in FCC database

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Side view of the DJI Mavic 3. image:

DJI has had changes made to its Mavic 3 product family in the FCC database. These very clearly point to the already suspected Mavic 3 Classic. The entries point to an official unveiling of the new drone in the near future.

Indications for Mavic 3 Classic grow stronger

With a so-called “Class II permissive change,” DJI has incorporated changes for its existing FCC entries of the already available Mavic 3 drones to bring a new model to market. This allows the manufacturer to release the product with simplified testing procedures, as it is not an entirely new product, but an adaptation of an already available product.

We’ve already reported on the Mavic 3 Classic rumors in advance, which are now becoming more solidified with the changes in the FCC database.

Changes affect the Mavic 3 camera

It also becomes concrete in the entries. From a technical point of view, everything remains largely the same. The biggest change concerns the camera. Now the entry only mentions one camera. The telephoto lens disappears, which is in line with previous rumors.

Mavic 3 Classic will most likely be an identical model to the current Mavic 3 Standard, but with a simple camera system and no telephoto option. The main camera will most likely remain the familiar Hasselblad camera already used on current Mavic 3 models. It has a 4/3-inch sensor, 20 MP resolution and 5.1k video resolution, with a variable aperture of f/2.8 – f/11.

Other detail adjustments are as follows:

  • Modification of the RF filter of the software-defined radio (SDR) system, but without changing the RF parameters.
  • Deletion of some unused interfaces, peripheral circuits and engine speed control components to optimize printed circuit board (PCB) size and layout
  • Software-enabled feature enhancements for operation in Europe, including Galileo satellite navigation and flying in the 5170-5250 MHz band

Photos of the Mavic 3 Classic

In line with the additions to the FCC database, new photos have also surfaced. These are supposed to show the alleged Mavic 3 Classic. We cannot verify the authenticity of the pictures. However, due to the always reliable source in the past, we assume that it is indeed the Mavic 3 Classic.

Possible release date and price of the Mavic 3 Classic

Entries in the FCC database usually indicate a timely release of the products described therein. Therefore, it seems likely that the Mavic 3 Classic could be officially unveiled as early as October of this year. It remains to be seen whether DJI will use a high-profile product launch, as is usual with new drones, or whether the release will be more discreet.

In terms of price, the Mavic 3 Classic should of course be cheaper than the previous Mavic 3 Standard. This costs around 1900€ in the simplest version.

According to the rumors, the Mavic 3 Claissc will be delivered together with the new DJI RC remote control. It is not yet known whether the drone will only be available as a bundle or whether it will also be sold separately. This decision will of course also have an impact on the price. We expect something around 1500€.

As soon as there will be official news or further rumors, we will of course inform wuch in our blog.

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