DJI Avata – packaging, new photos and video

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A detail of the leaked DJI Avata packaging. Image: DealsDrone/Twitter

Once again, more shots of the upcoming DJI Avata FPV drone have surfaced on social media. Among them are photos of the packaging with new info, shots of the drone itself and a video with motion controller.

Since the listing of the DJI Avata in the FCC database, it can be expected that DJI’s upcoming FPV drone will be officially unveiled soon. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before more footage of the drone would follow. That has now happened this past weekend. In addition to shots of the packaging with more info on the technical details, there are also photos of the drone itself as well as a video in which the Avata is controlled with the help of the motion controller.

DJI Avata packaging

The first photo of the DJI Avata packaging offers some new info and corresponds to the typical DJI design. In addition to the lettering and the image of the drone, however, it can be seen in the lower left corner that there will probably be different variants of the DJI Avata. Unfortunately, you can’t read everything, but you can find the term “Combo” again as well as the reference to the DJI Goggles 2, which was also recently spotted.

Another detail that was previously unknown is the reference to ADS-B / AirSense support on the bottom right of the packaging. This is a technology from aviation that makes it possible to detect manned air traffic and issue a warning when it approaches.

Close ups of the DJI Avata

Another tweet from @JasperEllens shows some close-up shots of the DJI Avata. With this, we should now have a very detailed look at DJI’s upcoming CineWhoop FPV drone.

Another tweet from @DealsDrone also shows the entire scope of delivery of the upcoming drone. Besides the DJI Avata itself, you can see the new DJI Goggles 2, the regular remote control, which seems to be the same as the DJI FPV, as well as the motion controller and a battery.

Motion Controller for the Avata

Also from Twitter user @DealsDrone comes a video in which you can see how the DJI Avata is controlled with the help of the motion controller known from the DJI FPV drone.

It can therefore be assumed that the DJI Avata will also be available for purchase in combination with this remote control. The motion controller is a new type of drone control and reacts to the hand movements of the drone pilot. Drones can be controlled quite intuitively with one hand in this way. DJI introduced this controller with the DJI FPV drone and has not yet made it available for other drones.


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So when is the DJI Avata drone coming?

Well, this info is still not available yet. However, based on the numerous shots and the listing in the FCC database, it is very likely that DJI could still officially unveil the Avata as early as this month (August 2022). As always, we expect a teaser website to announce the release about a week before the unveiling.

Stay up to date on this topic in our blog. We will report as soon as there is something new.

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