Drones with long flight time in 2024

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The maximum possible flight time of drones is a crucial point. The following overview shows which drones will have the longest flight times in 2024 and what to look out for.

When flying drones, whether for commercial or private purposes, it is often crucial how long the drone can stay in the air. Drones with a long flight time naturally offer the drone pilot far more opportunities for creative expression, as the flight does not have to be ended so quickly.

The following table provides an overview of drones based on their maximum flight time as specified by the manufacturer. We focus only on affordable consumer drones that are freely available and leave out special drones.

Overview: Drones with long flight time

Drohnemaximale Flugzeit (in Minuten)Akku-Kapazität (in mAh)Gewicht (in g)
DJI Mavic 3*465.000895
Hubsan Zino Mini SE*453.000249
Hubsan Zino Mini Pro*403.000249
Autel Robotics EVO II*407.1001150
Autel Robotics EVO Lite+406.175835
DJI Mini 3*382.453248
DJI Mini 4 Pro342.590249
DJI Mini 3 Pro*342.453<249
DJI Mavic Air 2*343.500570
DJI Air 2S*313.750595
FIMI X8 Mini (mit Pro Akku)*312.200245

Please keep in mind that the manufacturer’s specifications always refer to optimum conditions. In practice, you can subtract a few minutes of flight time.

Drone with longest flight time: DJI Mavic 3

DJI Mavic 3
  • DJI Mavic 3

Drones with long flight time: alternatives

Hubsan Zino Mini
  • ZINO MINI hat keine Hindernisvermeidungsfunktion. Es ist nicht ZINO MINI PRO, bitte kaufen Sie sorgfältig.
Autel Robotics EVO 2 Pro
  • ★【DIESES BUNDLE ENTHÄLT】: Dieses Bundle enthält 1 X EVO II Pro 6K-Drohne, 3 X Batterie, 6 Paar Propeller (2 Paare auf der Drohne vorinstalliert, 4 Paare im Paket), 1 Set X-Fernbedienung, 1 X. Landing Pad, 1 x 32 GB SD-Karte, 1 x Hartplastikhülle.★Achtung: Das Benutzerhandbuch ist ★nur in Englisch★, bitte kaufen Sie es nicht, wenn Sie nicht gut Englisch können. Wenn Sie Kundenservice benötigen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte direkt über amazon oder ★auteldirect@outlook.com★.
DJI Mini 3 Pro
  • Sorgenfrei Fliegen – Mit einem Gewicht von <249 g benötigt die Mini 3 Pro in den meisten Ländern keine Registrierung. Das faltbare und kompakte Design macht es auch einfach, sie bei jedem Abenteuer mitzunehmen

What affects the flight time of drones?

There are a few factors that affect drone flight times.


Of course, the decisive factor is the battery used. The greater its capacity, the longer it can supply the drone with energy. However, a battery with a lot of capacity is not automatically a ganratie for long flight times of a drone. The components of the drone must of course use the available energy efficiently. However, the large and well-known drone manufacturers pay a lot of attention to this. In addition, the range of functions of the drone also plays a role. More on this below.

Battery age

The more often a battery is used and the older it gets, the less energy it will be able to store. As a result, the battery loses capacity over time and flight times decrease. Sooner or later it will be necessary to replace a battery. However, there is no formula you can follow. Simply observe the runtime of your drone batteries. If they drop considerably, they should be replaced.

Drone weight

The heavier a drone is, the harder the rotors will have to work to get it off the ground. This, of course, puts more strain on the batteries and decreases flight times. Additional equipment on the drone naturally increases the weight, which directly affects the flight times.

Installed sensors and technology

The more sensors and functions a drone has, the greater the likelihood that more energy will also be needed to operate it. This also has a negative impact on flight times. It is therefore always advisable to weigh up which functions you actually need or whether the flight time itself is more important.

Weather conditions

The weather also has a great influence on the flight time of drones. Strong winds, for example, mean that the drone has to work much harder when it tries to fly against them or hold its position. This, of course, tugs at the battery. Temperature also has an impact on batteries and thus flight time. Every drone manufacturer provides information on the optimal operating temperatures for the drone and battery. If the temperature is lower or higher, the battery loses power, which affects the flight time more or less.

How to extend the flight time of drones?

Use batteries with more capacity

Some drone models offer the option to use batteries with more capacity. This usually increases the flight times somewhat. However, this is not possible with every drone. Just check the manual of your drone to get exact information for supported batteries.

Charging and discharging batteries correctly

Batteries, such as those often used in drones, should be properly charged and also discharged when they are stored for a longer period of time. However, they should never be completely empty. Since this is a science in itself, you should always take a look at the manufacturer’s specifications or the drone manual. There, it is usually explained how you can preserve your batteries to maintain their capacity longer.

Additional batteries

The easiest way to keep the drone flying longer is, of course, to add more batteries. This does not increase the flight time per battery, but the total time you can be on the road with the help of a battery change. One battery is rarely enough, especially for commercial flights.


By using a powerbank, you can charge many drone batteries on the go. This is also a rather indirect method of extending flight times. Make sure that the drone battery has the necessary connectors or adapters to connect to a powerbank. Most of the time, these are USB ports.

Which drone has the longest flight time?

According to our current list, the DJI Mavic 3 is at the top of the list. You can find a complete overview directly in the article.

Are replacement batteries useful?

Absolutely. With spare batteries you always have a reserve for longer flight times. Extra batteries are the easiest way to extend your flight time with the drone.

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