Which drones have internal storage?

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We give you an overview of drones that are equipped with internal memory and explain why you need it – or not.

You can’t take drone shots without storage space. So far, so clear. When buying a drone, you therefore need to know whether it has internal memory, how big it is or whether you need to purchase an additional memory card. This is because memory cards are not usually included in the scope of delivery and must therefore be purchased separately.

Overview: Drones with internal memory

The following table provides an overview of well-known and popular drone models that have internal storage space.

DrohneSpeicherplatz interner Speicher
DJI Mini 3 Pro1,2 GB
DJI Mini 4 Pro2 GB
DJI Mavic Air8 GB
DJI Mavic Air 28 GB
DJI Air 2S8 GB
DJI Air 38 GB
DJI Mavic 38 GB
DJI Mavic 3 Cine1 TB (SSD)
DJI Mavic 3 Classic8 GB
DJI Mavic 3 Pro8 GB
DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine1 TB (SSD)
DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise64 GB
DJI Mavic 3 Thermal64 GB
DJI Avata20 GB
Autel EVO II Pro V38 GB
Autel EVO Lite Serie6 GB
Autel EVO Max 4T64 GB
Autel EVO Max 4N64 GB
Hover Air X132 GB

Does my drone need internal memory?

No. Internal memory is usually small and is more of an add-on than a permanent solution. However, it can be helpful if you forget to insert a memory card into your drone and only realise this when flying.

The Cine model series of the Mavic 3 is an exception here, as it has an integrated 1TB SSD that is designed for fast memory access.

If a drone has no internal memory, you simply need to purchase an additional memory card and insert it into the drone. The costs here are quite low and negligible compared to the prices of popular drone models.

How do you switch between internal memory and memory card?

The switch between internal memory and memory card can be set in the respective drone app. For DJI drones, simply navigate in the DJI Fly app in the camera view to Settings -> Camera -> Memory. Here you have the option to switch between internal and external memory.

dji fly app interner speicher speicherkarte einstellungen
DJI Fly app settings for switching between memory card and internal memory

Frequently asked questions about drones with internal memory

Is internal storage important for drones?

No. Since the storage space can usually be expanded with memory cards, it is not important whether a drone has internal storage. However, it can serve as a backup solution if you forget to insert a memory card.

How can I format internal storage space?

You can usually format the internal storage of a drone very easily via the respective drone app in the corresponding menu.

How much internal memory should a drone have?

Since internal memory is not very important, the storage space is not crucial. The table in the article shows that this is usually in the same range of approx. 8GB for all drones anyway.

Do I need an additional memory card for my drone?

If the drone has no internal memory, a memory card is mandatory. But even if your drone has internal memory, an additional memory card is recommended in order to have enough space for all recordings.

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