Using the DJI Mini 4 Pro with Mini 3 Pro batteries – is that possible?

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DJI Mini 4 Pro Battery

Can the batteries of the DJI Mini 3 (Pro) also be used in the DJI Mini 4 Pro? This is a question that newcomers ask at the beginning. The answer is yes and no. We explain why.

If you want to switch from the Mini 3 (Pro) to the Mini 4 Pro, you might ask yourself whether the existing Mini 3 batteries can also be used in the new Mini 4. After all, there is no visual difference between the batteries. The answer is yes. Technically, the Mini 3 batteries fit into the DJI Mini 4 without any problems and the drone also starts with them. The Mini 3 batteries are therefore compatible with the Mini 4 Pro. DJI itself states this on its shop page. However, there is a big catch..

Mini 4 Pro exceeds 250g with Mini 3 batteries

The Mini 3 batteries are technically not exactly identical and differ in one very important point: the weight. A Mini 4 Pro battery weighs 77.9g, while a Mini 3 battery weighs 80.5g. At first glance, a negligible difference, right? Quite the opposite. Because these 2.6g more ensure that the Mini 4 exceeds the important limit of <249g (MTOM) and weighs over 250g. This means that it loses its status as a C0 drone and therefore cannot benefit from the associated relief and regulations of the EU Drone Regulation.

DJI also states this info itself with the battery. There it says:


When using the DJI Mini 3 Series Intelligent Flight Battery, the propulsion power and flight time of the DJI Mini 4 Pro are reduced and the total weight exceeds 249g. Before each flight, always familiarise yourself with applicable laws and regulations.

In our eyes, it therefore makes no sense to use the Mini 3 batteries in the Mini 4 Pro. The exception to this are purely indoor flights, where the regulations of the EU Drone Ordinance do not apply.

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