DJI Mini 4 Pro listed in IMDA database

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Are we seeing new models of the DJI Mini 4 here? Image: @Quadro_News/X

After a few quiet days around the DJI Mini 4 Pro, it has now been listed by name in the IMDA database. The possible release date is thus probably a bit closer. All details about the listing can be found in the article.

The last news about the DJI Mini 4 was a while ago. Now there has been some movement again via Twitter. In a post by @Quadro_News, the discovery of the DJI Mini 4 Pro in the Indonesian product database IMDA is shared. This database is similar to the FCC database in the U.S., which registers products reported by authorities that use radio frequencies.

Concrete product name of the Mini 4

With the entry in the database, it is now pretty certain that there will indeed be a Mini 4 and that it will be the Mini 4 Pro. The model name is MT4MFVD and the supplier is VSMART Technologies PTE.LTD. This company has already been listed to distribute the Osmo Action 4.

Further details about the new mini drone are not available from the database entry or the tweet.

When will the Mini 4 Pro be released?

However, the mere existence of the entry shows that a release of the new Mini 4 is indeed possible this year. Usually, products are only registered shortly before the market launch. So far, such leaks were known from the American FCC database and gave an indication of new models. However, it remains to be seen when we will get the first leak with possibly further technical details here as well. The FCC database also usually only contains information about radio frequencies. However, labels that also contain information about the battery used appear again and again.

We will keep you updated on the Mini 4 Pro.

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