First delivery drone from DJI?

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Are we looking at the first delivery drone from DJI? Photo: @Quadro_News/Twitter/DJI

New leaks reveal a possible delivery drone from DJI. This would see the consumer drone market leader enter a new market environment. What’s behind it?

The well-known leaker Igor Bogdanov (Twitter: @Quadro_News) has published the first information about a previously unknown delivery drone project of the world’s leading drone manufacturer DJI. After Bogdanov had already published numerous information and images on the not-yet-officially-announced DJI Air 3 drone, he has now published details on a specially designed drone delivery drone by DJI in the form of an allegedly official teaser video.

According to a series of social media posts by Bogdanov on Wednesday evening, the official unveiling of the DJI delivery drone could take place as early as the next few days. Compared to previous DJI drones, the new drone from the Far East differs in particular by the cargo container and the eye-catching lettering, which can be seen in the shared teaser video.

Mixed reactions to possible DJI delivery drone

Reactions to the new information are mixed. While some experts reacted sceptically to the announcement of a specialised delivery drone, others emphasised the potential of a huge market for aerial deliveries in Europe, Asia and especially Africa.

The publications are particularly exciting because DJI is not yet represented with a product in this area. However, it was foreseeable that the manufacturer would also try to position itself as market leader in this area. However, the fact that this could already happen is surprising.

But there are also concerns about the rapid development of drone delivery, particularly in the US, where there have been moves to boycott DJI’s technologies due to rising anti-China sentiment.. Similar efforts are also underway in Australia and, to a lesser extent, Japan.

We are staying tuned to the topic and expect that more information or even an official announcement from DJI could follow in the next few hours or days. However, it is not unlikely that the new drone model will only be available in countries where drone deliveries are possible (to a certain extent).

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