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Why the DJI Mini 3 Pro just turns off

The DJI Mini 3 Pro can reach the limit of overheating in certain situations and will then switch itself off. When this can happen and especially why, we explain in this article.

In order to keep a drone below the all-important 250 gram limit, the product designers and developers at DJI also have to use every means at their disposal and dispense with unnecessary components. In the case of the DJI Mini 3 Pro, this includes active cooling in the form of a fan. This is completely missing in the drone. To prevent the Mini 3 from overheating, it is equipped with passive cooling, which is also kept at the right temperature during flight by the wind generated by the propellers.

However, it can become problematic during standby mode. That is, the state in which the drone is switched on, but not in flight. For example, because you are copying data from the drone or updating the firmware. Here, the passive cooling can reach its limit without additional airflow from the propellers.

Mini 3 Overheating in standby

This is not a mistake, but a conscious decision made by DJI in favor of weight. As a rule, the drone does not reach the temperature limit during normal use – if it does, it turns itself off to avoid complete overheating and damage. DJI gives some measured guidelines for standby operation, at which the Mini 3 will turn itself off to avoid overheating. According to DJI, these were measured in an indoor room with a temperature of 25°C.

  • In standby mode on the ground: approx. 22 minutes
  • When updating firmware: approx. 19 minutes (enough for 3 updates).
  • When using QuickTransfer immediately after power-up: approx. 35 minutes
  • When using QuickTransfer after landing: approx. 35 minutes

Source: DJI Mini 3 Pro FAQ

So if your DJI Mini 3 Pro simply turns off in standby mode, you now know what the reason is and how long it usually takes for this to happen.

DJI Mini 3 Pro

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  • 34 Minuten Flugzeit
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